Changing my Life’s Intention

So many of my friends know, but I have changed some major aspects of my life lately.. and I am still shifting all my perceptions and awareness to something new, refreshed..  The First thing is I am past day 51 on a plant-based lifestyle. I no longer eat dairy or meat or any animal products.... Continue Reading →

Loss of Identity

I am very open here about my past lives.. and I am working on ECHO which is, in reality, based on my own experiences. But lately, I have felt as if my own self, identity, personality, etc.. has been sucked away by all this. I feel as if I don’t even know myself anymore; and... Continue Reading →

Back At It!

Update Blog: January 12, 2018 Happy New Year! So I know I have been M.I.A. for a bit. I actually lost time during the holidays; not because of the festive bliss that one is pressured to have during this time of year, but because I was sick with the flu, this horrible virus that is... Continue Reading →

My Birthday Reflection

Of the Year Past and the Year already began. So, my birthday was last weekend. I reflected over the past year and came to the conclusion I got a lot accomplished but would have liked to get a lot more done. What did I do this past year: (in no particular order). Started working on Echo... Continue Reading →

Thankful it’s September!

First off, apologies for the silence this past month. I have a particularly hard time personally every August. My Mom left this plane of existence that month and other things have added to make it a dreadfully emotional time wrought with growing pains. Funny thing is the second that August is over I feel immediately... Continue Reading →

Summer Update:

Where/ What I Have Been Up To Apologies on the silence. Things have been crazy around here. There is a lot that is left unsaid and I hope in the next few posts to catch up with everything. The Winter/ Spring of 2016 was a hard one, with a very close friend getting sick, and... Continue Reading →

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