Evolve or Die

Or caterpillar turning into butterfly  All living things have to continue to change and evolve. To accept the constant state of flux that we are all a part of. That is life, that is what it means to be alive. Evolve or Die. I want to LIVE!  So this past fall I had the inspiring… Continue Reading

Sting: The Outtakes

A short I produced in 2015 had a lot of help from local film crew around New Mexico. This is the behind the scenes look. It gave me hope for NM film.. Thank you to all who were a part of this adventure. ~Sophia Bungay @wickedlydrivenmedia2019

Dis-oriented (ECHO)

Because ECHO is based on a true story I had to go through a lot of self-evaluation and memory to be clear on it. The hardest part of this project so far was writing the exerpt below as it brought up some painful memories and things I am unsure on how to show in a… Continue Reading

My Southern Sensory Overload Adventure

( or How My first trip to Nashville Changed Everything ) Even though I had an incredible possible journey planned and paid for, I didn’t want to go, didn’t want to leave my comfort zone that had started to become a prison cell. For the past year, at least, I had dreamt of moving forward with my… Continue Reading

Shaking This Riddle Off

Wickedly Driven Media Sophia’s Update Blog 10/6/18      When you are stuck in a rut, everything on a daily basis can be the same. That’s what it has been for me. Wake up with hope, coffee, prep, work on something that is not my true passion and dreaming of another space and time where… Continue Reading