Shaking This Riddle Off

Wickedly Driven Media Sophia’s Update Blog 10/6/18      When you are stuck in a rut, everything on a daily basis can be the same. That’s what it has been for me. Wake up with hope, coffee, prep, work on something that is not my true passion and dreaming of another space and time where... Continue Reading →

Changing my Life’s Intention

So many of my friends know, but I have changed some major aspects of my life lately.. and I am still shifting all my perceptions and awareness to something new, refreshed..  The First thing is I am past day 51 on a plant-based lifestyle. I no longer eat dairy or meat or any animal products.... Continue Reading →

Motivation from the Beyond 

I am not alone in my quest to finish the several projects that I have on my mind, that keep me constantly on edge and driving forward. I had a dream where the characters from a western movie, closely related to Dave’s story, were listening to a vlog I was doing daily and looked shocked... Continue Reading →

Still the Wild West

 With the current state of the news happening with shootings in schools and political b.s. (that I will refrain from diving deep here) my older self.. the one that rode the high trails of New Mexico and the Midwest during the 1800s has had some insights.  Insights from a BorderRuffian I cannot believe that in... Continue Reading →

Hello Again!

A Wickedly Driven Media Update!  I’m sorry I have disappeared for awhile. The day job at the college had gotten very intense. And, on top of that, I had a slew of health issues; minor but just enough to interrupt my creative flow. We also had a few losses around me that impacted close friends... Continue Reading →

Creative Connections

Blog Entry 5/16/18 As a writer I want my creative outlets to be linear and easy to control. But, as a daughter of two artists, I should know better; that creative flow is not linear at all but can be erratic and with its own flow and energy. It also is connected to what I... Continue Reading →

The Winds of Chaos

Chaos  What we all are in.  The winds that have hit the state of New Mexico lately has stirred up a lot of dust and a lot of anxiety.. as well as helped me see the truth in a lot of what I am feeling. I have had a crazy time as of late. My... Continue Reading →

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