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Santa Fe, NM / Los Angeles, CA.

Wickedly Driven Media produces creative content. We are working on some exciting content including music videos, short films, artsy multimedia shorts, a documentary series on women in the art world and several feature film projects!

ECHO is based on the writer’s experience with reincarnation and seeing more than the mundane around us. It is a labor of love to get this sometimes heart-wrenching, adrenaline rushing, often beautiful story out to the masses.

This story is also for people seeking more information regarding reincarnation, to come and read a story that may touch something deep in their hearts.

The book, as well as the script is in the works!


A little about the filmmaker/ writer behind Wickedly Driven Media. Born and raised as an artist daughter (Lizard King God-daughter) in the hills of Los Angeles, California, she always saw the world in a much more profound way.

After a tragic turn of events, Sophia Marie Bungay became a Certified Grief Facilitator and after a nomadic time of travel, moved to the southwest in 2000 to find a deeper meaning of life. (and she found it.)

In 2015 she received a Certificate in Media and Film from the SFUAD and launched Wickedly Driven Media in order to continue getting content out to her growing audience.

Presently she is working on the many projects at Wickedly Driven Media and finishing up her time in the southwest. She is also expanding Wickedly Driven Media with like-minded creative individuals who can take this concept to the next level!

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