Echo: A Diary Entry # 6: Bleeding into Dreams

I am in incredible pain at the moment.. and have been since last night. I haven’t done anything strange, not that I know of.. in fact it was a rather normal week of work and friendships; split by the occasional odd dream of another time and place. But no heavy lifting, no packing, or horses […]

Buried: Echo Diary #4 (Dave R. & Mercury Rose)

September 1880, Lincoln County New Mexico: I had left the bigger towns of the Northern territory and had made it to the deep crystalline white sands of the desert. I was heading to a place I knew I could ease up for a few days, take stock of the situation and decide what the plan […]


When I was in grade school I became very devout to God. Something deep within me felt a comfort in knowing and being under his care, worshipping and praying to him. I felt justified in these feelings and felt as if I was forever safe within this religion. My parents let me choose my own […]

Bright Lights: Echo Diary Entry #1 (Mercury Rose & Anna)

Mercury Rose, April 1973: Downtown  Los Angeles, California This will be my side of the story, so I thought I should start at the beginning. This is an epic tale and I don’t want to confuse anyone. My name is Mercury Rose, but everyone just calls me MR or Rose for short. My parents tended […]