Sound for the Soul

Recently I had the pleasure of going to a concert with a friend who I hadn’t seen in person in years. We have kept contact because of various interests, mainly of a metaphysical nature. She brought up that she had been watching Quantum Physics videos on youtube, and had come to the conclusion that the first created form was sound. That, instead of light, the sound created the universe. I like that idea. Of course we were listening to an incredible band playing and in the heart of the birthplace of Jazz, but still.. this concept stayed with me.

I have been wanting to write this blog for a long time as sound and music have influenced me in a lot or ways, especially recently. To start with when I was a child my Godfather was the lead singer of the Doors. (I have talked about that in other blogs and posts so I won’t go deep into that here.) My Mom was from New Orleans and had her own tastes of music, from jazz to classical, and a good classic tune. My Dad liked Khris Kristofferson and Los Lobos, so his tastes were very eclectic to my Euro pop loving friends I grew up surrounded by. My first concert I went to, when I was very young, was a Laurie Anderson exhibition at a college in Los Angeles, complete with a coinciding art installation about her beginnings. She took the simplest sounds and made them sound incredible to me and for a month or so I would walk around the house and school imitating her (I had it down to a science.. Big Science.)

This love of sound got somewhat muted when I fell in love with the cinema and how light played on objects and movement. I am still fascinated with this medium. Being an daughter of two contemporary artists why wouldn’t it. But, when I think about cinema now, and look back at some of my favorites, the sound that was produced for these films, the folly work, and the genius it took to make a character or situation come to life, especially when it came to worlds that only existed on film.

So in essence I have always loved sound. From a quiet but busy bayou that soothes as well as intimidates, to my cat trilling at me to get a head pet, the raucous laughter of a coworker, the created sound for film, to the brilliance of a musician and poet who has in the past five years turned my world around. I took piano lessons years ago, and enjoyed it, but at the time it didn’t seem to give me the immediate gratification of a paint brush or a camera. I fell in love with analog film editing, sliding a reel of film between my fingers and splicing scenes together. Later came the editing to sound and so on.. (note to myself to see if I have that reel to reel in a trunk somewhere).

Music has always helped the mood and thought processes for me, or to drown out an annoying coworker or any stressful situation I may find myself in. It has helped me write scripts as well as meditate and come together in a personal knowing. When I found out of my Lizard King God Father I used to listen to his music and read his poetry from some guidance of my life.

I cannot recall if I told you how a certain musician has saved my life.. but he has in so many ways. Now you get a group of his fans together and they will tell you how he influenced their lives, brought meaning and or got them through tough situations. We all have been moved by this artist. And in the beginning he, like me, loved film; wanted to work in film and be the next Orson Welles. But the film community bullied him and he went in the other direction, into music. He has become the new Orson Welles by his own creation. What an inspiration he is for me!

I am talking about non other than Jack White. I ran across him years ago when I was trying to drown out an abusive coworker and was swept up in the way his guitar actually had its own voice, how his poetry proceeded my thoughts of the future and way of looking at the world. So it was a no brainer when I found out during his Lazaretto tour that he would be at a tiny theatre 45 minutes south of me that I would go. I was in the middle of the second worst year of my life (the first being the year I lost my Mom) and needed some respite, if only for an hour and a half. So we got tickets and my roommate and I went. I had little to live for at this point and really didn’t know of any hope of ever being at the least content with life. We weren’t sure what we were getting into and just knew it was a much needed adventure, a break from the meandering horror that had become my life.

The old lady ushers were quite worried that the roof would come down in the small theatre. And the mosh pit was reserved for the local college students, but that was fine as we had gotten some nice seats somewhat up the aisle from the chaos. He first tuned our ears to some rap music from my old home town, which made me question why we were there. And then he came out.. The way he presented his band and himself, complete with lights and fog.. and brilliance of color that did not hurt the eye or detract from what he was doing.. All of it I immediately fell for. During the first song I was standing in the aisle near my seat and as he sang I could see the fog wafting off his shoulders and legs and some DNA of his floated through the fog and went into me.. changing me forever. It was a religious experience, something I had never felt in any other concert and have not since.. except for any that he is involved in.

That night changed me forever.. from feeling very low without hope to feeling inspired and immersed in song and imagery. No film or other experience has never changed me like that night since. The thrumming of his music, his messages, his very being is inspirational and a light for me. That night he became a priest at one point and he is mine. When feeling down I look to his lyrics for guidance.

I used to want my films to express a change in the way that people see the world and think about things, ultimately changing their lives.. music has the power to do that immediately and intensely. I still wish for my art to help engage and transform this world, and help other artists do the same.

Since that night I formed this company, finished my film degree, got a new job away from the annoying coworker, moved forward with everything i wanted to do and have strived for more. And since then I have let more music into my life, listening to anything and everything for a thought, a prayer, a glimpse of wisdom, and a feeling.. and emotional feeling. Music, like all art forms, can project a certain experience with the audience, whether it be a horror movie, a great book you can’t put down, a piece of art that you moves you to tears, a wonderful plate of food made with love, or a soulful tune that hits you right in the heart or your soul, turning an average or horrible day, into something else entirely. We are put on this plane of existence to experience these things.. and music is one of the all encompassing art forms there is.

I wish all of you, dear readers.. the chance to experience an art form in a way that moves you as music has for me.

by Mercury Rose @ Wickedlydrivenmedia 11/2019

Friends And Family Tour!

What I’ve Been Up To

I know it has been quite a while since I posted. I was going through a lot of changes and transformation and a lot of travel, which made me dig deeper into my personal journaling and working through some stuff. But I am ready to return to you, my dear readers and share with you what has been happening.

I have known in my heart that something had to change in my life for quite a while. But not sure of which way to turn or what to do it was a generalized view of the world. Add to that working all the time and never taking time off or traveling, my world had shrunk down to the size of my bedroom and the small town I live in. A very monochromatic and somber view of the world. Alone, even if I had a friend or two, and the demands of my creativity being denied by narcissistic people who rather hide in the hills here.

On top of that last November I fell in love with a city; a creative community that I was brought to by my love of rip-roaring guitar riffs.. and I could not get it out of my mind. so the spring was spent wanting to be there and denying myself for the moment. There was/ and still is, much to do here.
One of the other issues was this place is far from family. So figuring out from there what I could do in regards to them was the next step. Needless to say, I am a huge believer in signs… so the second that my inspiration and his band set up tour dates I was all in. I need to see my Dad and touch base… Raconteurs at the Greek in LA in July!

My roomy and best friend took off for California. We had an amazing time at the concert ( I got to introduce rock concert experiences to my friends ten year old, and I met and got a wonderful hug from an incredible musician) and it was interesting to see Los Angeles in such a different way. I may always be an LA Woman.. but I no longer felt attached to the city. In fact, I felt removed from it all. It will always be in my heart, and I will always keep a place there.. but it is not my future.
The visit with my Dad was difficult and short and we have since worked things out, I guess.., but I did come away with the knowledge that his issues are not my issues.. and even though I will always be there for him.. I won’t be there, location wise for him. I have to move on. My heart was released from the obligation in a lot of ways.

I returned from California drained and out of sorts. Not feeling like an Angelino anymore, and everything else started bubbling up to the surface; right in time for a lot of anniversaries or loss. (could also be a way I was so silent for that time). So… I threw my hat in with a Canadian friend and met her in Tennessee for another adventure! It was much needed and it got me amped and inspired to move forward with my plan. I reunited with old friends, met new friends who I am to keep, saw two MIND-BLOWING concerts at the historic Ryman, collected more posters, was in a lot of lines for worthwhile causes, got some incredible vinyl for my collection, finally found the Cumberland.. and again.. had a really hard time leaving again. I know where my future is.. and what I have to do to move on.

During all this, I stopped hoping to get friendship or headway with creative types here in the desert wasteland. I also cleared a LOT of people off my social media page as they will not be heading with me into the future. Sorry… see ya! I have also begun clearing out stuff I will not need in my future and that is going well. I would like to rip roar through a lot more of it and hope to soon… (Instagram photos to follow)
As it just so happens I met another friend at my current work who just graduated from Acupuncture College.. and loves really good music. So, long story short, she offered a ticket to something on my bucket list… John Prine at Red Rocks. Not only would that fulfill my bucket list of seeing a concert there, the band includes Fats Kaplin who works with my inspiration… JW. 🙂 So.. Friends and Family tour continues! I am heading up to Colorado on a road trip. I will reunite with a cousin I haven’t seen in 25 yrs… (wtf!), visit a sister campus from my day job up there and meet some people, hike around the area. and see an amazing concert. Woot! should be fun.
Then in November… I hit New Orleans.. yes… Friends and Family tour continues!
I have also stopped missing my family. I am now moved forward into whatever life has to offer… although I seriously hope that the future plan includes a lot of visits from family and friends.. (you promised!)

So yes, taking the bull by the horns, living my life, traveling a lot more and enjoying all of these things. Cannot wait for the changes to get into full swing although these delays for the tour are worth it.

In the future… creativity coming out every pore!, new friends and family, new adventures, a new name.. hehe.. and I will demand the best of myself. (details coming soon…. unless you are in my inner circle)


by Sophia B. … in metamorphosis.

PS… Re: ECHO & Dave, reincarnation

for all you Dave followers and fans who want to know what is going to happen to his Bio and Echo… fear not! It still on my list to do. In fact I would love to complete and submit the script before I move from this historic local.

PPS…. Art World:

there is a TON of news from the art world side of things. And I cannot wait to share these new adventures and projects with you.

PPPS… Filming

YES! More to happen shortly! As well as photos and such. 🙂