Alter Ego

To Create Yourself Freely

To be a creative person struggling with your artistic flow, and wondering if what you are putting out into the world is being perceived as connected to your past. Who you used to be, who you grew up as.. We all struggle with the trials of our lives, who we are, who we used to be, who we are becoming. Even though we are grown we are constantly evolving and changing, transforming into who we are meant to be.

To separate the nerdy girl in the back row of grade school, all the mistakes you made along the way, all the intimate details of ones life.. 

To truly be free to create to not worry about any of that. Not letting it burden your creative life, and persona you want to present to the world.. that to me sounds like bliss. 

Many known personalities have done it, and do it often.. making their empires and creative art even more heady as we, as fans, wonder how they got to that point. 

To not have a past that you think is defining you to people

To not have awkward horrible moments you want to forget. 

To leave the weight of our identity in the dust, to shuck it off to create freely. 

These might be fever dreams of mine.. but they are becoming real.. to truly create who i want to be.. and only my friends and family will know the real me. What could be better. 

ECHO will be completed… and I will evolve. 

Things are about to get really interesting… 

by Sophia Bungay.. @wickedlydrivenmedia@2019