Wickedly Driven Media Projects Update!

So, as I work towards the completion of the ECHO script and subsequent feature film, I am also working through my fear of being in front of the camera. To that end, I have been posting videos on facebook and youtube. If you don’t subscribe to my feeds on there, check out the link below!

The other news is since I am working on ECHO and the film about Dave’s biography film after, I am going to extend to not only character diary excerpts (that I hope you have been enjoying), I am going to add interviews about the subjects I’m covering, and historical tour vlogs, where I take you to where Dave and Mercury were.. and the era in which Dave lived.

So sit back, relax and enjoy….

And if you want to get involved please let me know!!!!!!!!! The more the merrier!

~Sophia Bungay Copyright@Wickedlydrivenmedia2018

Pre-2016 Video Productions

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I just found one of the wonderful comments after making this commercial. Enjoy.

Hi Sophia!

I love your humor in this. Small business needs personality and you aced it. Coming from the rough, I really like the decision to introduce the other pigs as the “mascots”, it literally turned the voiceover of the pig into a theme for the video (aside from the marketing pitch). Like that last minute change, completely changed the direction of the video, IMHO and enhanced it. Well played!

I’m not one to throw feedback at final cut, because final is final and all your work is done, but I would have shortened the beginning clip of the sign just by a couple seconds. That’s the only feedback I have and it’s super minor and based on my taste.

You knocked it out with the b-roll, which was all about the animals and the plentiful inventory. I was thinking to myself why I’d love to visit a pet store — all the encounters with the fuzzy, furry kind! and it compelled me to chuckle and enjoy the kitsch.

I think you crafted something fun for the owners, but more importantly I absolutely can see this as tool for them in their efforts.

Really good work Sophia, I hope I get to work with you in a future course project. I could learn a lot from you.



Acupuncture Video: Dr. Eric Michaelsen, on How Space Repetition Can Optimize Your Study Time

Another video for Southwest Acupuncture College. I was asked to film a Lunchtime Learning about how to study the intricate subjects. (Would of liked better lighting, but had to work with what was happening.)

That being said Dr. Eric Michaelsen really had a great format for studying and memorizing and it is worth watching.

Produced & Edited by Wickedly Driven Media (Sophia Bungay)