Fantastic IT Help!

A Review of 4Leet, Santa Fe, NM Rated the Best in Santa Fe for 2016 and 2017, 4Leet is an amazing IT company in Santa Fe New Mexico that services the city with IT/ web support and design. I was introduced to them at my ‘day job’ where they helped us with all sorts of tech-related... Continue Reading →

Healing From A Distance

A Review of Angel Light Healing Arts I have had a quite the journey in all aspects of my life, over the past few weeks. Work has improved and changed (I’ll update you soon), more film opportunities have come to me, I’m healing myself from the inside out, which is bringing up some issues. But,... Continue Reading →

Sublime Healing

A Review of ThunderHeart Healing Massage & Bodywork  Therapy Because of my position at Southwest Acupuncture College I do get free acupuncture treatments from time to time; and I have felt a bit of difference in my health from these sessions. But since I had lost weight, and had been changing my diet and making strides... Continue Reading →

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