Fantastic IT Help!

A Review of 4Leet, Santa Fe, NM

17311339_1231868023594904_5004135844128245980_oRated the Best in Santa Fe for 2016 and 2017, 4Leet is an amazing IT company in Santa Fe New Mexico that services the city with IT/ web support and design. I was introduced to them at my ‘day job’ where they helped us with all sorts of tech-related issues, from web design and helping us maintain our server. And beyond the normal day to day runnings the CEO of 4Leet, Nina Pilgrim, who did a very informative presentation to our students and staff about setting up and running a business website or blog. I came away with new insights and inspiration for my website. I hope she does more informational presentations for us in the future!
So contact them if you are ever in a bind, or wondering about upping your web game.


Healing From A Distance

A Review of Angel Light Healing Arts

Unknown-5I have had a quite the journey in all aspects of my life, over the past few weeks. Work has improved and changed (I’ll update you soon), more film opportunities have come to me, I’m healing myself from the inside out, which is bringing up some issues. But,  I know what I’m working towards and am beyond excited by the prospects. And the terror and uncertainty from the past year has slowly washed away.

I am also working on an amazing project that has brought some truth to my self to light. That will all come out in time. But needless to say, a week ago I was in a lot of pain in my abdomen, mostly from stress, but also improving my diet; there always tends to be some cleansing needed when you change your eating habits in such a way.

A dear friend I have known for most of my life, Christina Abed, offered a Reiki session, long distance from California. Naturally I was curious about it, and said yes. All I had to do was wait til the time we decided on, get in a very comfortable position, and see if I felt heat or cold anywhere. Sounded easy enough. And no, I didn’t tell her what my health issue was.

Now, you may know this if you have been reading my blog, but I believe in the possibility of this energy work, as well as other things. So I got into a meditative state on my bed, and waited.

Suddenly I felt as if I wasn’t alone. It was lovely to feel her reaching out to me, and I kept concentrating on my own energy and my own body. A few moments later I did feel coolness on my abdomen. She had found it! After a little bit of this revelation sinking in, I was so relaxed and calm, that, as I felt her still there I fell asleep, and woke up an hour later. (Honestly that was also a miracle as I had a bit of insomnia before.)

The next day she relayed the images she had during the session and her experiences and they were dead on for the most part. The rest of her findings and my healing I will keep private. But I did heal. I felt immensely better, have been sleeping really well, and it was wonderful to reconnect with my friend on a level I didn’t think was possible.

She has helped a friend of mine as well with distance healing, and she to has seen improvements and felt better afterwards; as well as confirming Christina’s insights into her issues.

There is a quote on her website that describes long distance reiki healing and it’s what I experienced


“Reiki Distance Healing is a healing technique based on the principle of free and uninterrupted energy flow and helps activate the natural healing processes in each patient’s body as well as to restore their physical and emotional well-being. As a certified Reiki Healer, I help patients reduce their stress and anxiety, among other ailments.”

So if you have an interest in trying this I say give it a try, with Christina of Angel Light Healing Arts.

((Thank you Christina! For your love & care, healing energy, and validation!!!!!))

Website for Angel Light Healing Arts

Facebook link for Angel Light Healing Arts @2017

Sublime Healing

A Review of ThunderHeart Healing Massage


Bodywork  Therapy

Because of my position at Southwest Acupuncture College I do get free acupuncture treatments from time to time; and I have felt a bit of difference in my health from these sessions. But since I had lost weight, and had been changing my diet and making strides in my life, I decided to treat myself to a massage with Gregory at Thunderheart Healing Massage & Bodywork Therapy. Knowing him through the school I made an appointment. What an experience! Blending massage therapy and acupuncture methods into something wonderful.


Now I have had some great massages here in town, so I knew what I was hoping for to some extent. But Gregory Myers surpassed my expectations.

We settled in a cozy room on campus, and he asked me about my health, etc. And then I got on the table.. the next thing I know he is bringing out my favorite, hot stones!!!!! The first blissful smile hit my face and didn’t go away until a week later. The warmth worked slowly into every muscle and all the way down my back. I would of drifted off had he not started working the muscles with his hands, soft at first and then slowly harder and more intense.

He worked every muscle, not just as a massage, but it seemed as if he was a athlete’s trainer, working out all the kinks in my body. Sometimes it was painful for just a second, but then he would say “You’ll thank me later.” and I did!

He found some places that he didn’t like the tenseness of, and wanted to also ease my lungs from the last of the flu virus I was still coughing up; so he decided to do a bit of cupping. Now I had never been cupped before, and was a little worried. But we have all seen the news pieces of Michael Phelps being cupped for muscle therapy; Now I was experiencing something similar and it wasn’t too horrible. He eased up when I cried out, but for the most part the only down side was that I had two tracks on my back that made me look like I had been run over by a cart.

After that the massage resumed and he warmed me up and was very gentle at the end of it. He then did a native american tradition with raven feathers, that I heard flapping above me, and a cooling healing breaze from them. After a nice hour of treatment I was exhausted, sublimely sleepy, and in a mellow mood for the rest of the day.

A few days later my muscles felt better, my body felt more aligned, and my cough completely disappeared!

So I would completely recommend Gregory Myers at Thunderheart Healing Massage in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If your in town for an event, or your working on something physical and need the therapy for your muscles.. try him! His prices are VERY reasonable in comparison to a lot of other places in town, and he works out all your kinks..

Thunderheart Healing Massage Therapy Website

Facebook Link: ThunderHeart Healing Massage and Bodywork Therapy  @2017

The Good, The Bad, & The Unaffected (an Opinion Piece)


With the expansion of civilization, and the rise of the technology machine, the outlaw, in many aspects, died. What emerged to fill the gap in the American psyche was the rock musician. To be free to be who they wanted, to play how they wanted, with no rules binding their creativity they thrived. The can be found in any garage, shack, concert hall, park, dive bar, or lounge, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

When they are good they may be too perfect, a quality only a producer  or industry could love. When they are bad, or ugly, it is not for the audience, but for them alone that they play. Sure they may love or hate the audience, or lack their of.

(Or the intensely care free unaffected dancers, who grew up in the sixties, and have no mind to care what people think or inhibitions.. may fall on their faces in their dancing revelry. As a child of the 70’s I envy their silly freedoms.)

They may steel a young gun from the audience, to cajole him into joining their raucous revelry, and he may want to be a part of that, ego, and enjoyment uniting as one.. if only for a few songs. When he gets on stage he tries to hang on for dear life as the gang rides the melody around him… but he will survive and thrive, while the music plays.

But really, the music, the vibe, the gang they are with on stage, is completely and truly for the musician, to give everything he has in his soul, his feeling into the sound emanating from his guitar/ to keep the beat of the drum in time with the others, so that he fits in somewhere, if just for one moment/ to sound bluesy and cool with a rusty voice and a base and imagine the song is his/ theirs and theirs alone, stolen by the legends that created it, if only borrowed for a moment, turning and twisting it in such a way that it and always will be theirs in the essence of time.

Sure they croon, flap and flirt with the audience wanting them to enjoy the ride they are on just as much as they are; but in reality it’s a rag tag gang of thieves; riding the dusty stage with their instruments in hand, carrying a tune in time with each other, (comrades in musical arms) and each of them, with their own singular thoughts, loves, doubts, and cries, as long as the music plays… ’til the last song of the night.

(inspired by local artists, & D.R., who misses riding with his Pals)

by Sophia Bungay. Wickedlydrivenmedia @2017

A Theatre Review: Short Haired Gals


I had the great pleasure of attending a play in Santa Fe on Friday, all for the great cause of supporting St. Elizabeth Shelters. I decided to go because the second play was created and performed by a friend of mine, Lisanne Cole. And I am sure glad I did, because the whole night was wonderful. I arrived alone, as no one else could make it this time; but flying solo isn’t new to me and it was because of this I met several creative and powerful women in the audience and at intermission.

Not really knowing what the plays were about I was mildly amused when it was older women, the ‘short haired gals,’ touching on all the bases of life of women in todays society. The first play, Dialogue in Verse, featuring Kat Sawyer and Karen Machon, showed us how they now perceive the journey of life; from connecting with nature, and our true selves, to looking back on their lives with joy and sorrow. Of not having children, of having children grow from you, of losing your youth, to finding out what true love is.. It brought into focus what all women go through. I am not afraid to say that I was moved, to tears, and ended up really feeling my losses.

After the intermission, that consisted of nice munchies and good conversation (although I daresay I was the youngest person in the room), Lisanne Cole’s Walking Upright began. She delighted me with her beautiful acting and awareness of the audience. From her truth in telling us stories of her youth and growing up in England, from her comic notes, to her musical performances, including a strong voice and a guitarist, Michael Welch, backing her up; she completely mesmerized the audience, and got a nearly complete standing ovation at the end. It was a distinct pleasure to see this performance live and in person, and my only regret was not seeing it sooner.

Sidenote: I did hear that Walking Upright has been filmed by another friend of mine. If/when it becomes available I will let you all know.

That night made me more open to the theatre experience and going out more for social, artistic reasons. So maybe there will be more of these reviews in the future.

Granite Mountain Book Lacks Spark

I usually love to go to book readings/ signings and make it a point to get to as many as I can. So after a trying Spring, my friend and I trudged over to Collected Book Works in Santa Fe, got a coffee at their Iconic Roasters inside the local book shop, and settled in for a fun evening. And it was, for the most part. Fernando Santos wrote The Fire Line, The story of the Granite Mountain HotShots and one of the Deadliest Days in American Firefighting. It is based on the tragedy when nineteen members of a HotShot crew out of Prescott Arizona, perished in a forest fire on Granite Mountain. Heady stuff! The whole thing was recorded and the author was introduced by the Santa Fe Fire Chief, who read a text on his phone from a Prescott Arizona Firefighter who knew the author, praising her work.

When she started speaking she spoke eloquently and was very aware of what impact her book might make on the publics perception of the tragedy. Among the crowd was a Mother of a firefighter who gave up being a Hotshot when this particular crew he knew got killed in the blaze. She was the most emotional thing about the entire evening.

And that is what this book lacks… Fernanda Santos is a wonderful writer for the New York Times, and her writing has an article third person take on things. There is no connection to the subject except from a far away perspective, as if she is too afraid to dig deeper and get into the true loss she is writing about. As she read from two of the chapters of the book it seemed as if she was keeping the emotions of the family members of the Hotshots at arms length, writing matter of factly about it. I thought surely there would be some deeper impact.. but I was sorely mistaken.

Both my friend and I have friends and family members who are firefighters. So surely, we thought there would be some kind of connection that would make us want to buy Santos’ book and give it a try. But after the dry non-impactful reading, and the only one impacted being the Mom of a firefighters in the audience.. we were left cold. The coffee and atmosphere was great though.. Kudos to Collected Book Works and Iconic Coffee Roasters.

There is a movie in production in New Mexico right now, based on the tragedy, and starring Josh Brolin. And a book about the incident from the lone survivor, Brendan McDonough called My Lost Brothers: The Untold Story by the Yarnell Hill Fire’s Lone Survivor. I have a feeling that will be the book to read. Fernanda Santos heart was in the right place, but the perspective is all wrong. Just my two cents…

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