Healing From A Distance

A Review of Angel Light Healing Arts I have had a quite the journey in all aspects of my life, over the past few weeks. Work has improved and changed (I’ll update you soon), more film opportunities have come to me, I’m healing myself from the inside out, which is bringing up some issues. But, […]

Sublime Healing

A Review of ThunderHeart Healing Massage & Bodywork  Therapy Because of my position at Southwest Acupuncture College I do get free acupuncture treatments from time to time; and I have felt a bit of difference in my health from these sessions. But since I had lost weight, and had been changing my diet and making strides […]

The Good, The Bad, & The Unaffected (an Opinion Piece)

With the expansion of civilization, and the rise of the technology machine, the outlaw, in many aspects, died. What emerged to fill the gap in the American psyche was the rock musician. To be free to be who they wanted, to play how they wanted, with no rules binding their creativity they thrived. The can […]