Shattered : Mother’s Day

My phone shattered on gravel running after a cat this weekend. Typical incident, although I pride myself on the fact that I don’t do that very often. (cat is fine btw.. she is learning her boundaries) So the phone company is sending me a new one and I have insurance paperwork to fill out.. but… Continue Reading

The Winds of Chaos

Chaos  What we all are in.  The winds that have hit the state of New Mexico lately has stirred up a lot of dust and a lot of anxiety.. as well as helped me see the truth in a lot of what I am feeling. I have had a crazy time as of late. My… Continue Reading

A Legacy to Continue

(This Blog entry is a mess, as my thoughts are… and I apologize)  There have been good things and bad things about this year, but something that will never change is the fact that my Mom is not here to witness it or be a part of it. I gained a new position in the… Continue Reading


Grief is a part of all of our lives. If we are lucky we have few encounters with it, but it will change your view of life on this earth, and in this plane of existence where we all find ourselves. Grief is inherited, its genetic, it is incessant. It is in the subtle points… Continue Reading