Self Identity (A Pre-lude Essay to ECHO)

(Conceived & Written February 18th-25th.. part of the meditation during a flu virus battle) Who are we? How do we define ourselves? Are we an amalgamation of who our parents are, who our family is, if we had siblings or not, what our genetic traits are, what our knowledge is, our lifetime experiences, who we […]

Thankful it’s September!

First off, apologies for the silence this past month. I have a particularly hard time personally every August. My Mom left this plane of existence that month and other things have added to make it a dreadfully emotional time wrought with growing pains. Funny thing is the second that August is over I feel immediately […]

A Journey Through A Friends Illness, Part 2

For nearly two decades this friendship grew, becoming a natural familiar pattern of caring for one another, and having many adventures. Last year Teresa started not feeling well. Feeling off all the time, spending a lot of days in bed, sick, but not knowing quite why. She was so afraid of Doctors that she started […]