We Are Back!

So, with much deliberation, travel and expanse of the mind, and so forth, we have returned. I loved seeing that even though I havent been posting in a few months you are still visiting my site. We have much to do and I will spare you the details, for now. But this summer I have been having my own ‘Friends and Family tour,’ to California and Tennessee and next week Colorado. I am expanding my knowledge of who I am and who I am meant to be.. expanding my world.. with a haunting melody of an incredible contemporary song writer haunting my every move.. good thing he was involved in my tour… Ha!

More later.. but good to see you again.

Pass the pinot grigio.. or mezcal.

2 thoughts on “We Are Back!

    1. There are little JW Easter eggs scattered throughout.. lol And if you read Echo start from the bottom up to get the full story.
      it was wonderful meeting you!!!! Looking forward to growing our friendship.
      There is also a Facebook page that I will be reopening soon to. and an Instagram account.


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