Shaking This Riddle Off

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     When you are stuck in a rut, everything on a daily basis can be the same. That’s what it has been for me. Wake up with hope, coffee, prep, work on something that is not my true passion and dreaming of another space and time where I am doing what my heart yearns to do, have people with the same like-minded passion around me… and I am not trapped in being someone much smaller then what is possible for my soul.. Soul crushing days of this… Then grocery shopping, errands, no time for my horse or writing.. and home… Try to write and work on films and other plans but so tired from the day that I end up watching horrible tv and drinking way too much. Then going to bed but you can’t sleep so you take a sleeping pill, and aspirin because of the drinking.. and repeat… and repeat… and repeat. Sometimes this is changed by grief from a loss a long time ago that affects my every heart beat.. more bleakness. 

     Always wondering why this is happening, always wondering why you are stuck in this ditch of life.. never moving forward, no hope. 

     This summer I attempted to have some fun and trying to get away from this doldrum. Concerts and travel and fun with friends.. but at every turn, it was lost, destroyed or plans changed. I began to think that there was no reason for this and no way out of it. 

The title of this blog is inspired from one of my favorite musicians and creators; one that in my pipe dreams I would want to work with.. he was one of the events I had attempted to get to this summer.. in vain. 

So when I heard he was ending his tour in his hometown, where my pipe dream imagined me living and working with him.. I took a chance. All neon arrows pointed to yes.. do this.. you must do this.. Go see this place, and experience this event… and open myself up independently to something new. This is the first step to make forward progress in digging myself out of this rut or buying a ladder. 

As soon as things were solidified and I suppose I am going… depending on the other travel plans involved.. things changed. 

Terrified and exhilarated all at the same time by these possibilities, changes started occurring. Starting in my head, which is really the most important place for these changes to happen. I started focussing on my work at Wickedly Driven Media, and all the possibilities of what I can do now before anything else changes physically. I wake up feeling raring to go, knowing what I want to do, and how much work is ahead of me. 

Last weekend we had a garage sale and minimized all of our stuff we were keeping in storage. We will give the rest away in time to move the car into the garage… Things are moving forward for the first time in a long while! 

So I am shaking the riddle off, as he suggested… and taking on these powerfully positive changes. 

A lot more of Wickedlydrivenmedia to come so stay tuned!

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Writer, filmmaker, and media content creator, developing my own writing as well as a media production company. Currently in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA.

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