Changing my Life’s Intention

So many of my friends know, but I have changed some major aspects of my life lately.. and I am still shifting all my perceptions and awareness to something new, refreshed.. 

The First thing is I am past day 51 on a plant-based lifestyle. I no longer eat dairy or meat or any animal products. I have lost weight, gained self-confidence, and am feeling good! I plan to keep this new lifestyle and embrace it. With it comes the energy and vitality I haven’t felt in forever. The main reasons for me to start this was to prevent cancer, which is too prevalent in my family, as well as motivate my friend who has health issues, to do the same and heal herself as well. She has already started healing… so we shall continue! We are also becoming foodies again, truly enjoying every meal we try and create. 

The second thing comes with the first. With this new energy and this body emerging from the fog I am working out more and plan to move forward with physical things.. mountain hiking, riding my horse more, and becoming someone completely new. 

Third. I am in these projects I talk about on my site, to get them out of my psyche and onto paper and film. That being said, at this point, I do not know where all this will lead. I do not know if the filmmaker will be born, or the writer will win out and I will publish these projects as stories. I don’t know if this blog will become a vlog either. I am unsure about the future and what it will hold. I do have a desire to create in some way, and work with certain people.. but, in what capacity? 

Fourth, The minimizing project is going well and I am ready for it to be done. I am feeling stalled in it though and need to make it a priority. I want to live clearer, freer of all this stuff that is stockpiled around me. So that I can live a more creative life. 

Fifth… totally homesick for California and I know I will be there soon. I already have a few trips planned.. one to Texas and in the future one to Cali.. and then every year from then on visit Los Angeles, soak of the big city vibes and then get to the Sierras and breathe…. 

Sixth… miss my family and not sure where we will ever reconnect except for online.. sad to say and at this point, I am not sure of the answer to that one. But maybe the first 5 points will lead to the answer for the sixth. 

More to come… 


by Sophia Bungay @wickedlydrivenmedia@7/18


Published by Wickedlydriven

Writer, filmmaker, and media content creator, developing my own writing as well as a media production company. Currently in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA.

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