Motivation from the Beyond 

Unknown-3I am not alone in my quest to finish the several projects that I have on my mind, that keep me constantly on edge and driving forward. I had a dream where the characters from a western movie, closely related to Dave’s story, were listening to a vlog I was doing daily and looked shocked when I said I was throwing in the towel. Shocked and disappointment came across their faces and they were about something when I woke up. 

So,… onward! 

(It has been a rather hectic time at my Day job and my other projects. But I am committed to this. My mind won’t allow me to turn to another project, as my mind is filled with these projects. ECHO, RETRIBUTION, DAVE’S STORY (untitled), and KARMIC OUTLAW. 

Still considering the vlog.. we will see what happens. 


Small little update now that comes with this theme. I ended up not directing a tv pilot, mainly because if you cannot trust your producer who can you trust.. Oddly enough I felt my Mom’s presence saying do not take it. I haven’t felt her around for a long time but I took the idea to heart. 

In the process of sticking up for myself and my time, I ended up reconnecting with some wonderful filmic people in the area that were curious what I was working on and what I’m up to. ie.. my own projects. 

So I plan to meet with them in the next couple of weeks and solidify these projects. So what is on my mind currently is finishing up the final treatments and Look Books for these projects to show them so that hopefully things can move forward. These projects will be completed one way or the other and this is just another step in the process. 

That being said I have talked to some of these creatives and I may form a collective of creators to work on these projects and others.. to motivate each other in our goals and to come together and not be so alone in this world. I am not sure if this will move forward but I am hoping this expands into something positive. (if you are interested in this idea to email me at 

Anyway.. time for me to work on the treatments… more later! Btw… I scanned a lot of old documents and stories.. and will start sharing them with you as I go through them.. the past recollected in the present, to be formed in the future.. or to at least have some insight into who I really have always been. 

by Sophia Bungay @wickedlydrivenmedia7/18

Published by Wickedlydriven

Writer, filmmaker, and media content creator, developing my own writing as well as a media production company. Currently in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA.

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