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A Review of ThunderHeart Healing Massage


Bodywork  Therapy

Because of my position at Southwest Acupuncture College I do get free acupuncture treatments from time to time; and I have felt a bit of difference in my health from these sessions. But since I had lost weight, and had been changing my diet and making strides in my life, I decided to treat myself to a massage with Gregory at Thunderheart Healing Massage & Bodywork Therapy. Knowing him through the school I made an appointment. What an experience! Blending massage therapy and acupuncture methods into something wonderful.


Now I have had some great massages here in town, so I knew what I was hoping for to some extent. But Gregory Myers surpassed my expectations.

We settled in a cozy room on campus, and he asked me about my health, etc. And then I got on the table.. the next thing I know he is bringing out my favorite, hot stones!!!!! The first blissful smile hit my face and didn’t go away until a week later. The warmth worked slowly into every muscle and all the way down my back. I would of drifted off had he not started working the muscles with his hands, soft at first and then slowly harder and more intense.

He worked every muscle, not just as a massage, but it seemed as if he was a athlete’s trainer, working out all the kinks in my body. Sometimes it was painful for just a second, but then he would say “You’ll thank me later.” and I did!

He found some places that he didn’t like the tenseness of, and wanted to also ease my lungs from the last of the flu virus I was still coughing up; so he decided to do a bit of cupping. Now I had never been cupped before, and was a little worried. But we have all seen the news pieces of Michael Phelps being cupped for muscle therapy; Now I was experiencing something similar and it wasn’t too horrible. He eased up when I cried out, but for the most part the only down side was that I had two tracks on my back that made me look like I had been run over by a cart.

After that the massage resumed and he warmed me up and was very gentle at the end of it. He then did a native american tradition with raven feathers, that I heard flapping above me, and a cooling healing breaze from them. After a nice hour of treatment I was exhausted, sublimely sleepy, and in a mellow mood for the rest of the day.

A few days later my muscles felt better, my body felt more aligned, and my cough completely disappeared!

So I would completely recommend Gregory Myers at Thunderheart Healing Massage in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If your in town for an event, or your working on something physical and need the therapy for your muscles.. try him! His prices are VERY reasonable in comparison to a lot of other places in town, and he works out all your kinks..

Thunderheart Healing Massage Therapy Website

Facebook Link: ThunderHeart Healing Massage and Bodywork Therapy  @2017

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