Life is Too Short – A creative manifesto


Life is too short, to wait for the right time, for things to be ‘just so’, or for other people to join you on adventures and understand you deeply enough to ‘get it.’

If I start on this journey, the right people should join me when they want to, or need to.. as the case may be.

I was reminded of that deeply this past week, when I went through yet another metamorphosis in my growth. My Mom’s birthday came up, flooding my senses again with loss. But at the same time, a long time friend came back into my life;  and with his very presence sparked my strength, my courage, and my entire being; waking me up to the possibilities of life, and so much more. I no longer want to wallow or worry, but to move forward, the way he would.

I have gone from a lowly, back breaking, heart wrenching, tearfully hopeful, sleep the day away thought process… and with help, have completely turned that around.. into a lightning bolt striking an entire electrical grid of inspiration/knowing/& creativity inside of me. I want to share this with others; I want you to join me if you feel the desire &/ or need.. comment, collaborate, infuse the world with song, art, and feeling.. why? LIFE IS TOO DAMN SHORT NOT TO. (if you don’t see a connection in topics or something doesn’t appeal to you, you can stick to the ones that do.. but I am hoping to inspire and entertain and enlighten with my work)


That being said I have decided to start a monumental project, which will span all that I am, believe myself capable of, and give me the inspiration to continue down this road. This will include blog posts, short stories, art, (possible) vlogs, reviews, real life adventures, interviews, docu-shorts, fictional shorts and essays, photography, and feature films. Anything to get the story and journey out.

It will go through my life and beyond, circling its way back and forth among topics, all connected to one another in at least one way, and moving forward into other deeper depths then I could even imagine or guess at at this time.

Sure.. there will be days when the power is not on, but that is when I will dig deeper,.. maybe get a little darker,.. and generate my own fire to continue on.

I am hoping that, with the topics to be discussed, and stories and journeys laid bare, I will help myself, as well as others out there, searching for something deeper in themselves, or an understanding that we are all seeking, whether we are aware of it or not.

(I am also hoping this wakes up certain long lost Pals of mine.. that are out there, fighting their own demons, and or ignoring their true selves, to come out and join me, join us… on this adventure.)

And so it begins..

Written by SB & inspired by DR (wickedlydrivenmedia@2017)

Published by Wickedlydriven

Writer, filmmaker, and media content creator, developing my own writing as well as a media production company. Currently in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA.

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