Birthday, New Year Forward Momentum List

If I accomplish 50% I will be happy, if I can do 100% I will be ecstatic!

This is the time to make a contract with myself about the new year of my life and what I want to accomplish. At this point I cannot be upset with what I did in the last year as it was a sucky horrible year, and the only thing I could do, and did do.. was keep my head above water. And I did that! So now, in 2017. I can take huge movement in all aspects in my life, to make up for the incredibly hard year I just had. Using this list below as a base for the entire 365 days I shall do monthly goal lists depending on how things go each month. So, the list is… (it has been edited for privacy)

In the Next Year I want to:

Not take myself so seriously
No that you only live once in this time and place and make
the most of it.
Be grateful for everything that is going well and the bad things as they are experiences to learn from.
Be grateful for everyone in my life.
Save up money
Get a new job or more hours/ more pay
Freelance write/ film
Get back my Social life!
Make more friends!
Go out at least one day a week (music/ art galleries/ events, gatherings, etc.)
Get into a real/ right relationship
Get fit and run at least a 5 k if not more; Lose weight/ gain muscle & become “svelte.althlete! “
Work out at least 6 days a week
Hike Mineral King
Horse shows/ trail riding etc.
Make Huge Moves in my Career
Work on film productions
Get job writing or film production
Network and move forward
Make Wickedly Driven Media an official LLC.
Health – Go Vegan or something close to it.
Creative Life
Continue a Blog on Wickedly Driven Media
Start a vlog! (for networking & camera fear)
Have at least 6 creative days a week – Write and film
Make at least 6 shorts or Music Videos &/or 1 feature film
Write a Novel and get it on Amazon!!!!
Finish projects I start!
Get work into more publications etc.
Reconnect with networking assets for future endeavors
More learning and experimentation with my camera
Grants, scholarships,etc.
Finish archiving my Mom’s work
Find artists and or galleries in Santa Fe
Start filming for the Documentary or small shorts regarding
her life
Reconnect with family and let go of any pain from the past
Connect with friends I already have and make them a
Make a legitimate plan for the land I own
Spend more time down in Lincoln County
Get passport
Visit family & friends
Go to at least one new place we have never been before!
Research going back to school to finish BA
Research learning more about Environmental Sciences
Books – Continue to read and research and get rid of any book I 
don’t need to keep.
Clean up and Organize!
Continue and complete the project of simplifying my life.
Keep things organized and clean.
Go to at least one great concert in the coming year

Published by Wickedlydriven

Writer, filmmaker, and media content creator, developing my own writing as well as a media production company. Currently in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA.

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