Thankful it’s September!

First off, apologies for the silence this past month. I have a particularly hard time personally every August. My Mom left this plane of existence that month and other things have added to make it a dreadfully emotional time wrought with growing pains. Funny thing is the second that August is over I feel immediately and intensely better. I feel creative again and already have quite a few projects in the works.
Apologies also to the wonderful bloggers who enjoyed my Laura short story. I appreciate the time and the thoughts to like my fiction; and because of that I plan to connect with each and every one of you, as well as write more to post soon! Excited that you all enjoyed my writing and I would love to continue that trend.


A little update on my life and the happenings this past month. I didn’t do much creative work, but managed to get my OSHA Safety Training Certification card from IATSE 480, as well as the Set Readiness training; and because of that I am now on the overflow list for the union. Yeah! I also signed up for CPR training that will happen later this month. I also did the professional photography shoot for Southwest Acupuncture College.
But things were rough emotionally. And after hearing about the affects of acupuncture on grief I signed up for an appointment at Southwest Acupuncture College. Amazingly I am sleeping without the help of a sleep aid and am feeling much better. I plan to write up an article for several grief counseling facilities to show the virtues of this technique on grief in the future; after I am completely through with it.
I am still unsure if I will continue the hospital journey that Teresa and I went through. Despite the fact that her family is still not actively in her life; nor was truly there for the trial we both went through they objected to the truth being told. And I got tired of rehashing the experience.


The great news from her doctors now is that her heart has healed greatly, and she may not of ever had heart failure. Instead it was an event that happened when she was in the hospital. Tests in the future should help determine what that was. And she was brave enough to try acupuncture as well; and she liked it! So she plans on continuing with treatments along with me.


Zoe, my darling cat, has Stomatitis. It’s where an over-active immune system attacks the enamel in the teeth, destroying the teeth and bones near them. She has had surgery a week ago, and is doing well; but will be on antibiotics to fight the infection in her jawbone. After talking to Dr. Yeager and the wonderful Dr. Mike Dobesh at Smith Veterinary Hospital in Santa Fe, NM, I am confident that she will come out of this better off in the long run. And she has already regained her vigor and passion for life and play.


I have many projects to work on this month; writing and film combined. So with the August done for another year I am back at it. I hope to post a lot of things here, including some photography projects I have been working on as well. So stay tuned!

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