A Theatre Review: Short Haired Gals


I had the great pleasure of attending a play in Santa Fe on Friday, all for the great cause of supporting St. Elizabeth Shelters. I decided to go because the second play was created and performed by a friend of mine, Lisanne Cole. And I am sure glad I did, because the whole night was wonderful. I arrived alone, as no one else could make it this time; but flying solo isn’t new to me and it was because of this I met several creative and powerful women in the audience and at intermission.

Not really knowing what the plays were about I was mildly amused when it was older women, the ‘short haired gals,’ touching on all the bases of life of women in todays society. The first play, Dialogue in Verse, featuring Kat Sawyer and Karen Machon, showed us how they now perceive the journey of life; from connecting with nature, and our true selves, to looking back on their lives with joy and sorrow. Of not having children, of having children grow from you, of losing your youth, to finding out what true love is.. It brought into focus what all women go through. I am not afraid to say that I was moved, to tears, and ended up really feeling my losses.

After the intermission, that consisted of nice munchies and good conversation (although I daresay I was the youngest person in the room), Lisanne Cole’s Walking Upright began. She delighted me with her beautiful acting and awareness of the audience. From her truth in telling us stories of her youth and growing up in England, from her comic notes, to her musical performances, including a strong voice and a guitarist, Michael Welch, backing her up; she completely mesmerized the audience, and got a nearly complete standing ovation at the end. It was a distinct pleasure to see this performance live and in person, and my only regret was not seeing it sooner.

Sidenote: I did hear that Walking Upright has been filmed by another friend of mine. If/when it becomes available I will let you all know.

That night made me more open to the theatre experience and going out more for social, artistic reasons. So maybe there will be more of these reviews in the future.

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