Summer Update:

Where/ What I Have Been Up To

IMG_0123Apologies on the silence. Things have been crazy around here. There is a lot that is left unsaid and I hope in the next few posts to catch up with everything. The Winter/ Spring of 2016 was a hard one, with a very close friend getting sick, and an end of a job. Job as it was not my desired career, or had any way to fulfill what i really want to do with my life. So, maybe… no, it is a great thing that it ended when it did.

At the time I had this job I loved my co-workers, and enjoyed the work, to some extent; ( I mean, really, how much can anyone really love data). But I would get home exhausted, with no energy to continue my creative work, or even start this blog. I had planned to leave when the time was right, but I couldn’t see when the right time would be. So when it was chosen for me, with a reduction in force layoff, things just seemed to click into place.

My first reaction when this happened was ‘What the hell?’ followed up quickly by a full knowing, that this would be a ‘catalyst for change!!!!’ That became my mantra for quite a while. I trained some people back East to do what I did, and left with my head held high, and many friends that I hope to keep.



Suddenly I had time to start my company, do creative things, write (screenplays, novels, and freelance), work on this blog, and live a fully creative life. I used a little severance on a professional camera, and am focussing on the art of using it to get the best quality I can. I have put myself out into the work force, using my experience in Administration to help a local landscaping firm, as well as looking for something more. I will find it; and if I keep this pace up it’s only a matter of time. And I have noticed that companies looking for admin assistants also love the idea of my marketing media skills. So, regardless of getting a full time or more part time work, I will be able to continue my filmmaking and creative projects. In fact, through this new schedule and the many adventures it has put me on I may have found a few clients to work with in the near future.

My dreams are big IMG_0136 (1)but I want to move forward with them. June was rough on a lot of levels. The stress from all the above, plus with the added pressure helping out so many people, I started neglecting myself.

But recently I made taking better care of myself a priority, and I’m looking forward to what is coming up.

A small update on a project. I finished reworking a short story, but am going to wait to publish it until I complete a photography project that goes hand in hand with it. As soon as all the elements are completed I will publish it.

In the meantime I will post regularly here, and update you or review things going on in Santa Fe. Below is a picture of Lone Pinon Trio at the opening night of the Santa Fe Summer Bandstand. They were mellow and fun. I was there celebrating my friend’s recovery of health and life; and ran into a few friends that I was happy to see. More on that in the next blog. So stay tuned.


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Writer, filmmaker, and media content creator, developing my own writing as well as a media production company. Currently in Santa Fe, NM and Los Angeles, CA.

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